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Bath County Art Show results

The Baths, an oil by Manakin Sabot, artist Carrington Brown, captured Best in Show honors at the 48th annual Bath County Art Show. Brown is the sister of Dabney Pasco Sr. of Hot Springs. “The Baths,” an oil by Manakin Sabot, artist Carrington Brown, captured Best in Show honors at the 48th annual Bath County Art Show. Brown is the sister of Dabney Pasco Sr. of Hot Springs. Best in Show: Carrington Brown, oil, The Baths; Bill and Prudence Fields Award, best animal or bird, oil, watercolor or pastel: Mary Lynn Yaeger, oil, Butterfly Collection; Dancing Lady Design Figurative Award, best figure as focus of the work, any medium: Dustin Phelps, charcoal, Le Crae; Elinor Hopkins Award, best flower, watercolor: Barbara Daub, watercolor, Fully Open; Garth Newel Music Center Award, outstanding contemporary work, any medium: Cynthia Rector- Jones, watercolor, Beginnings; George and Mary Beach Memorial Award, best iris, any medium: Eleanor C. Penn, watercolor, Iris #1; Malcolm and Ellie Firth Award, best abstract, any medium: Anne D. Weede, oil, Fragments & Shards #1 & #2; Reuse — Recycle Award, use of recycled materials to create artwork, any medium: Suse Field, mixed media, Lintville; Shelly Bechtel Shepherd Memorial Award, best landscape of Bath or Highland County, Va.: Sylvia Gibbs, watercolor, Autumn on the Jackson River; Timothy A. Edward, best traditional American Landscape, oil: Barbara Albert, oil, Blue Grass Valley Rain; Warm Springs Gallery Award, Best Virginia Rivers and Streams, any medium: Debra Sheffer, oil, Cowpasture; Warm Springs Valley Garden Club Award, best floral painting, oil: Dennis Johnson, oil, Country Flowers; Wayne Alexander Award, best figure, oil: Kelly Sheridan, oil, The Violinist; William Grover Memorial Award, best traditional landscape, oil: Vicki Goodhart, oil, Neighborhood — April.
Awards by category
Charcoal, pastels and graphics — First, Patricia Hobbs, Rain at Dusk III; second, Dymph de Wild, Stormy Weather; third, Jason DeLong, Looking Up; fourth, Patty Turpin, Sea of Mountains.
Mixed Media — First, Mary Boxley Bullington, Dancing Around the Red Tyger; second, Nancy Newhard, Zebra Wink; third, Ursula Diley, The Hangoverless Sunday Mornings Had Become Too Regular; fourth, Donna Ramsey-Nevers, Circle North.
Oils and acrylics — First, Ron Boehmer, Birdhouse and Bungalow; second, Bill White, Shoreline; third, Brett LaGue, Pool; fourth, Astrid Heimer Tuttle, North Mountain Light Coming Thru.
Photography — First, Robert Sulkin, Ode to M. Curie; second, Janet Weaver, Jack’s Blacksmith Shop III; third, Gail MacLeod, On the Bay; fourth, Robert Williams, Untitled, 2012 (in the Shadow of Jump) #1.
Sculpture — First, Judith Saunders, Fire & ice; second, William Johnston, Delicious Red Apple; third, Devan Malore, Inter-Are; fourth, Merideth Young, Uncanny Menagarie.
Watercolor — First, Cheng Fen Yeh, Vincent; second, Michael Farrar, Bayside; third, Solly Blank, Last Night in Paris; fourth, Brenda Hounshell, Beans.
Honorable Mentions — Patty Biederman, Dice Stock Farm; Annette Chenault, Blue Ridge Mountain Mama; Anne Dye, Still Pond; Susan Egbert, Silhouettes; Julie Farrell, Highland Farm; Z.L. Feng, River Boating; Fran Fevrier, Foot in Hand; Susan Harb, Beep & Busy — Two Rescue Dogs; Barbara J. Hevener, Into the Woods; Gina Louthian-Stanley, Conjuring Sky; Almeda Kelley, Nymphing The Jackson; Nina McGee, Weathered; Lou Messa, The Drive; Marilyn Moriarty, Ghosts of Via dei Priori; John Owen, Preening Goose; Larry Patterson, Enter the Magical World; Parvin Pejman, Floating Color; Ann Sullivan, Recycle Flora; Susan Trotter, Highland Barn; Tina Wade, Autumn Reflection; Meg West, Cowpasture River; Anna Wentworth, A Rocky Creek; Richard W. Young, Life’s Storms; People’s Choice Award, to be announced.


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